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  • State of the art Forging Infrastructure

  • Combine Parts

  • Three Point Linkage Parts, Towing Equipments, Transmission Gear & Shafts, Hydraulic Cylinder End

  • State of the art Casting Infrastructure

  • State of the art Spring Manufacturing

  • Forging & Casting Solution for HCV, LCV & MUV

  • Forging & Casting Solution for Heavy Earth Movers

  • High Pressure & Low Pressure Flanges & Fasteners

  • Forging & Casting Solution for Defence

  • Scaffolding & Formwork Accessories

  • Mounting Brackets, Outlet Elbow, Water Pump Body, Exhaust Manifold, Pulleys, Connecting Rods

  • Traction Centres, Antiroll Bar Fork and Many More

From the highways to the oil fields, from the oceans to the mines - these are the places you will find Vikrant components india pvt ltd

Welcome To Vikrant components India Pvt. Ltd

Vikrant components India Pvt Ltd has established itself as one of the most prominent and reliable players in Forging, Casting and Spring manufacturing industry. The company has well experienced team of professionals to cater products used in automotive, tractor, railway, earth moving, defense and pipe fitting industries. Vikrant components is a leading and technologically advanced auto component manufacturer serving the forging and casting industry for the last many years. It is one of the largest full service company supplying forged and casted engine and drive-line components.

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Upset Forging

Upset Forging
  • 2" Upsetter with Heating Furnaces
  • 4" Upsetter with Heating Furnaces
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Close Die Forging

Closed Die Forging
  • 1.5 Ton Hammer with Induction Billet Heater & 150 Ton Trimming Press
  • 2.5 Ton Hammer with Oil Fired Furnace & 300 Ton Trimming Press
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Ring Rolling

Ring Rolling
  • Upto 500mm OD Ring Rolling Capacity
  • 2 Nos : Ring Rolling Machine
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Green Sand casting

  • 750Kg / 750Kw Medium Frequency Dual Track Induction Furance.Disamatic Arpa Moulding line (Arpa 450 & DT-7 Equivalent Arpa 1300)
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  • Total Area: 60,000 sq. ft
  • Standard / Specification: All International Standards & RDSO Specification
  • Capacity : 6000 MT / Annum
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